Spring has Sprung! – How to look after your body after winter hibernation, when you get exercising again.

A lot of us will be out and about on these lovely spring days, whether that’s on bicycles, jogging, picking daffodils or even Easter egg hunting!

So here are some tips to help ease you back into exercise:

  • When bending down to pick flowers or Easter eggs, bend at the knees when lifting or kneel on one or both knees.



  • If you’re dusting your bicycle off after the winter months, you’ll also want to make sure you stretch your legs properly. Hold these stretches for between 10-30 seconds


  • Planning on jogging for the first time after winter? Check your trainers are the correct size for you and that they give you good sole support. If in doubt visit your nearest running shop to have your trainers properly fitted.


  • Thinking of spring cleaning your home? Make sure to ask for help when moving heavy furniture around to clean under and not to hunch your back over when hoovering. Hoover responsibly! Not like this chap



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