Pregnancy, Babies and Children


imageWe are privileged to treat a number of mums-to-be here at Harding Chiropractic Clinic and believe that chiropractic check-ups are an important part of a healthy pregnancy. We recognise that every body and every pregnancy has different and specific needs. As a baby grows, so must the mother’s body change and adapt to accommodate. Our role as chiropractors is to enable the body to be able to perform at its best and cope with these adaptations.

What Causes Back Pain in Pregnancy?

Lower back and pelvic pain (SPD/PGP) during pregnancy can start from as early as the first trimester and during this time hormonal changes start to have an effect. One such change is the body releasing a hormone called Relaxin, which, as the name suggests prepares the body for birth by relaxing the ligaments in the spinal and pelvic regions. This, in combination with the postural changes that take place during pregnancy can place increased stress on the joints of the lower back and pelvis, resulting in pain or discomfort.


IMG_3571 (2)Chiropractic care in pregnancy creates balance. As your pregnancy progresses and your baby grows it is essential to maintain balance in the pelvic, spinal and soft tissue structures of your body. Treatment is very gentle and our chiropractors use specific techniques to help and alleviate pain and discomfort during pregnancy as well as encouraging an easier delivery. Our aim is to provide a high level of care throughout your pregnancy to ensure your comfort and safety, and we offer aftercare once your baby has arrived.


Babies and Children 

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We see large numbers of new born babies and children, and our chiropractors are highly experienced in their treatment, having attended post graduate chiropractic paediatric courses.






We will take a thorough history of the pregnancy and birth. Of interest is the position of the baby in the womb, if it was in a breech or transverse position, and if so, for how long. We will also ask about how your child is presently, and will ask you questions about how well he/she sleeps, feeds, and his/her general wellbeing. As babies are unable to tell us with words, we find out by enquiring about their individual behaviours and daily routines. A great deal of information can be ascertained at this stage.


IMG_2403During the examination, we assess for areas of tension, as well as the individual and global movement of the body, neck and spine. The head shape and symmetry of the cranial bones are evaluated. For issues with feeding difficulties, the muscles of the jaw and mouth and sucking reflex are assessed. Hips, knees and feet are examined, checking for alignment.





If treatment is indicated it is very gentle and always with the cooperation of the baby or child. The pressure used is about the same as you would use to determine the ripeness of a tomato. It’s not uncommon for a baby to sleep through the session!  Treatment consists of gentle spinal, cranial and visceral paediatric techniques and the chiropractor will explain the treatment process to you and talk through your child’s treatment plan.

During these sessions we may offer advice on nutrition, car seats, sleeping positions and exercises and work alongside GPs, health visitors and specialists where necessary. We encourage parents to ask as many questions as possible and to keep us updated on any change, this enables us to help you and your baby to the best of our ability.