Off to a Tee!

Golf is hard, let’s make it easier.


Tour golfers are surrounded by a team of professionals whose aim is to ensure that they achieve the optimal performance and as the Olympic cycling team showed, incremental improvements add up to a better overall performance. Tour professionals have a masseur, physiotherapist, swing coach, strength coach, chiropractor, physician and dietician to name but a few. As amateurs, very few people have this type of team, most people take a lesson occasionally and may go to the gym but don’t access any clinical input unless they actually injure themselves.

Injury prevention and technique optimisation should be something you think about as an amateur also, we are all happy to buy new equipment and these days club fitting is offered by most centres but when was the last time you actually looked at the body that is swinging the club?



How are your restrictions and aches/pains affecting your golf game?

Can you lower your handicap and improve your golf with some assessment? Absolutely you can.


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The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) teaches clinicians to assess a golfers’ range of motion and how a lack of stability or mobility in the golf swing leads to particular swing errors. From that assessment, appropriate mobilisation or stabilisation can be put in place to optimise function and improve your swing. In conjunction with a golf pro who knows your swing mechanics and a fitness programme designed for you, you will be on the road to improving your handicap and seeing that little white ball travel a little further and a little straighter.


Why not give us a ring and see whether our TPI certified chiropractor, David,  can help you get more out of your game, come on, let’s unleash that inner Tiger

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