Massage for Body AND Mind

Massage Therapy is more than just relaxing ‘me’ time and often gets misconstrued as a pamper treatment rather than something that aides physical and emotional well-being. Its not thought of as anything medical at all or related to anything medical, but if we went in depth about massage, it’s not just about releasing muscle tension, it also affects blood flow, flushes out toxins and affects your organs. An example would be that it aides digestion and carries more oxygen enriched blood around your body. To me, massage should be as essential as breathing.

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There are many benefits to massage and there is an exhaustive list at that, but these are some main points. It improves mobility, circulation, lowers blood pressure, improves rehabilitation after injury, relieves stress, strengthens the immune system and promotes easier and deeper breathing. I have found the most stressed and high energy person, able to deeply relax during and after a massage and this is a vital component in our individual healthcare. To relax. To de-stress,. I find a lot of illness starts from stress. If we can manage and maintain our stress levels, we can help prevent illness further down road. Not all illness of course. That would be a miracle. But it would be giving us a running start I think. Stress actually increases blood pressure and heart rate, thus its putting pressure on all your vital organs, so if you can take just one thing away from massage, learning to deeply relax would be a very good start. The relaxation part doesn’t come from a bit of relaxing music either, as I personally don’t use any music and its not something that requires any effort on your part. It comes from the Therapist working deeply with the muscles to encourage deep relaxation from within. If you fall asleep during a massage great! Don’t fight the relaxation, just give into it. I always think of Massage as getting that all important MOT. It’s maintenance. Massage needs to come off the Spa shelf I think and should really be thought of as a health check.

Another point that’s misconstrued, is that Massage Therapists are Beauty Therapists and although Beauty Therapists do get some massage training, Massage Therapists have in depth medical training very much similar to that of a Nurse, so please feel free to discuss ailments and the medication you are taking. Its not only important for Therapists to know how they can personalise your treatment, its also a way to find out if there is anything that prevents you from having a massage. An example would be if someone suffered with low blood pressure, because Massage further lowers blood pressure, so try a short treatment first to test the waters. It doesn’t mean you can’t have one. It just means it could result in you feeling temporarily light headed or faint.  Good communication between you and the Therapist is really important.

So I guess the last point is don’t just think of it as a Spa treatment and no medical information is relevant or necessary. Please trust your therapist and make the most of the initial consultation and communicate throughout the course of your treatments and feed anything back, as we want to provide the best possible care we can.

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