Getting stressed out!!

Stress and how it affects our necks and backs:


There’s no question that tension and stress can manifest itself in the body. Whether it’s a headache or tight muscles, psychological factors can take a toll on our physical body.




Common sites in the body where the effects of stress can be felt are the neck and back.  Your neck and back can become a center of pain and tension as stress and worries build.

Stress-induced neck and back pain is defined as pain that is either triggered or worsened by psychological or emotional factors. For example, the initial neck or back pain may be caused by an injury that strains the muscles, but the pain continues for days or weeks afterward as stress caused by the injury or other factors builds—maybe even long after the muscle tissue has healed from the initial accident.



Chiropractic treatment:

Chiropractic for the underlying injury and cause of pain in the neck and back is your starting point. It is essential to make sure the mechanics of our spine and muscle structure is working correctly. Stress will not be able to exacerbate the underlying cause if we have a healthy functioning muscular skeletal system.









If done regularly, stretching exercises for the neck and back can loosen muscle tightness and maintain or expand range of motion for the neck and back.
















Therapy or support group

Cognitive behavioral therapy has proven benefits for helping to develop healthy thought patterns, but even a local support group where you can share your concerns and receive support can help you manage day-to-day stressors.










Exercise is good for your body and mind. It releases endorphins, a hormone that dulls pain and generates feelings of well-being. Yoga is very good for relieving stress whilst strengthening your core muscles. Other exercise like swimming  and speed walking are great and don’t put too much load through your joints, so ideal for all ages.









Let inconsequential things go if they’re taking a toll on your health and making you feel stressed. Focus on what’s most important in the present and don’t worry about things further down the line.










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