Digital Detox Part 1- Tech Neck!

Modern society is becoming increasingly reliant and addicted to the benefits and lures of digital devices of all forms, but as with all good things, there are downsides. In this series articles I will cover the health issues surrounding our rising use of technology.


Tech Neck:
Whilst the 19th and 20th century were dominant by manual labour, industrial revolution and vast occupational hazards the 21st centuries biggest issue is set to be digital related health risks. The first victim of this is likely your neck!
Tech neck is a form of postural induced neck pain caused by the head and neck being in prolonged flexion whilst looking at a smart phone, tablet or other screen device.


Below is a list of ways to avoid tech neck:
• The head is a heavy weight, so sitting with it forward of your body puts unnecessary strain on your neck and back, so always sit with your head directly over your body.
• Avoid sitting in the same position for more than 40 minutes, less if possible. When you do take a break, walk around and stretch a little.
• Your seat should be adjusted so that your feet are flat on the ground and knees bent, but with a slope from your hips to your knees. You should end up with your hips higher than your knees and your eyes level with the top of the computer screen. You may need to put the screen on a stand, book or ream of paper to bring it to the right height.
• When using your mobile, smartphone, laptop or tablet whilst sitting down, including on your commute, take the time to break position on a regular basis and stretch your arms, shrug your shoulders and move your fingers around as this helps to keep the muscles more relaxed.


Wi-Fi Free Hour:
I am a huge advocate of the Wi-Fi free hour in our house and discuss this regularly at the clinic. Much to Joanne’s annoyance I regularly unplug the router and round up all the house hold phones and computers and get them out of hands for at least an hour. Not only does this help hugely with EMF exposure but it gives your posture a much needed break and actually allows you to re-communicate as a family in the ever increasing chaotic 21st century.

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